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Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash

We offer full service pet styling by individual groomer, or...

Bark-A-Tude Pet Salon

Hours For Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash



Save your aching back!  Don't use the cold outside hose.  We supply the place, raised tubs, lift tables for large dogs, shampoo, towels, drying station, brushes, combs, shedding tools and you have a clean, great smelling dog with no mess to clean up.

Because we care about your pet's health, we wash and disinfect tubs, drying stations, and all grooming tools after every use.  Nails clipped by groomer extra.

  • 0 to 50 pounds        $12.00
  • 51 to 100 pounds     $17.00
  • 101 and over           $22.00