Bark-A-Tude Pet Salon


3rd Sat. 8:30-4:00

​​Tues.-Fri. 7:00-6:00

Completed CPR-Pet Tech First Aid and Care for Your Pets seminar.

We are experienced in advanced pet grooming, in a stress free environment, with personal one-on-one service.

Pets enjoy an individual bathing package, designed especially for skin and coat type with a messaging bathing system.

The same stylist will groom your pet on each visit to create a long lasting, trusting friendship with pet and owner.

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​​                                                   About Us

Our goal at Bark-A-Tude is to provide you with a clean, safe, state-of-the-art facility for the comfort of you and your pet.

Linda, Pricella, and Kelly together have over 39 years of experience.  We attend advanced classes yearly in animal care, skin and coat, breed specific grooming, scissoring techniques, hand stripping and carding and cat grooming.  These courses are taken to better serve the pets and owners by keeping our education up to date, finding new products and equipment, and learning new styles and techniques.

We just went to the Atlanta Pet Grooming Conference again this year to further our education.

We attended classes on the science of skin and coat, mixed breed styling, dematting detangling and deshedding, Asian style grooming, trendy pet styles, along with finding new products and tools to better pamper your pet.

Never leave pet in car.

Azaleas are toxic for dogs if ingested.

Beware of hot surfaces.  It can burn dogs pads.

Limit exercise on hot days.  It may lead to heat stroke.

Treat pets with flea and tick protection.

Pets may be fearful of loud noises during fireworks.

Give unlimited access to water and shade.

Summer Safety Tips